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There are two ways to reach Lagos, it depends on a season of your desires and possibilities.
1. Flight by a charter flight Vienna – Faro. Duration of flight from Vienna: 3 hours. Charter-parties fly to a season, approximately on May, 15th on October, 15th. Distance between Faro and Lagos of 70 kilometres.



From airport Faro to railway station it is possible to gather additionally by a taxi that quickly and cheaply. Time in a way of 7 minutes. At railway station sit down by train Faro-Logos. - terminal station so will not leave further. Time in a way 2 hours. The comfortable bus, a taxi or the car hired by you can be alternative to a train.

2.Flight by flight of AUA Vienna — Lisbon. Or flight with change by different airlines (for example Lufthansa or Iberia) to Fly with change not terribly, conveniently and with comfort.
Joining makes a minimum 1 hour 20 maximum of 4 hours. On everyone  flight you feed. A suitcase hand over in luggage of 1 times in  Vienna. From the airport by a taxi for 15 minutes reach to Bus station «Riush autobus» and from Lisbon to Lagos by the comfortable bus (there is a toilet, the conditioner, the TV) without stops and changes reach to Lagos. Time in a way by the bus 3,5-4 hours. From bus station to apartment of 5 minutes on foot.